OneLove Lawn takes pride in all projects big or small. You can view our work, from Lawn Care to Mulch Installations, Fall clean ups to Snow Removal services. People say pictures say a thousand words, so this page speaks volumes!!!! Add your property today!

Services: Mow Service (Front and Back), Spring Cleanup, Mulch Installation, Cleaning / clearing of beds (weeds, debris, unwanted plants), Seeding, Edging of walks & drive, Edging of mulch beds &tree rings, Pruning / Trimming of Shrubs, Pruning / Trimming of Trees (ground work ONLY), Fall Clean up, Leaf Removal, Garden Design / Installation, Flower bed Design / Installation / Maintenance, Herb Garden Design / Installation, Landscape Design, Snow Removal / Ice management, Plant Arrangement / Installation / Maintenance

Phone #: 614-317-1851 

Monday - Saturday 7:30 am to 7:00 pm 

CLOSED on Sunday

Nature is all around us, 

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